Get the complete picture, not the buzzwords.

Leave the résumé parser behind and focus on what matters most — growing your business and taking care of your people.


Hiring made simple

We're making it easier to go from applicant to employee.

List all of your open roles

Add detailed role descriptions and specify the skills and results you're looking for.

Clarify will use these to narrow down applicants based on their achievements and skills.

Review tailored achievements and skills

Applicants use their achievements to apply to open roles. You receive tailored achievements and skills based on your hiring needs.

No résumé needed. No ATS bots required. No data parser necessary.

Interview and hire

Create your shortlist and when ready, connect with your preferred applicants. You'll be well ahead in the hiring process compared to your competitors.

Leave the résumé parser behind and focus on what matters most — growing your business and taking care of your people.

Gain insights into measurable,
time-bound results.

Make hiring decisions based on actionable data and not just keywords on a résumé.

With Clarify candidates turn "Responsible for budgeting" into "Responsible for leading the budgeting process company-wide, valued at $30M in annual revenue.

Get the complete picture, not the buzzwords.


Build and simplify your
recruiting funnel.

Receive qualified candidates in your dashboard, or build your shortlist based on our achievements stream. With a steady stream of achievements you'll have visibility to achievements as they happen.

Build a steady recruiting funnel while keeping an eye on the right talent. Just make a connection when you're ready.

Integrate seamlessly with
your favorite software.

Don't worry, we Clarify plays nice. We integrate with your HRIS software, allowing you to create more efficient workflows by connecting Clarify with your favorite apps.

Is there an integration that's missing? Interested in building an integration with Clarify? Send us a note and we'll be in touch.

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Deliver a better candidate experience.

Wouldn't it be great to provide a more honest and transparent hiring experience? With Clarify you can easily provide transparency throughout the hiring process.

With Clarify, Candidates know where they are in the process, ensuring communication is timely and most importantly, your first impression is the right impression.

Hiring great talent shouldn't be difficult

It's a better way to finding and hiring the right talent based on proven results and skills.
All while saving you time and money.

Hire the best. No extra work required

Hire based on results not objectives or a professional summary. With Clarify, you get qualified candidates that can deliver results.

Hiring aligned to your needs

Because Clarify compiles achievements and skills we can tailor candidate results based on your hiring needs. You get tailored achievements based on the results you're looking for.

Skills you can actually use

Candidates link their achievements to their skills providing time-bound and measurable results that provide insight into what they can deliver for you. Actual skills, not LinkedIn endorsements.

Sourcing made simple

Clarify automatically filters out unqualified candidates based on your hiring preferences, saving you time and money on an otherwise cumbersome process.

Now Screening

Enjoy ongoing real-time candidate updates, no need to wait. As candidates upload their achievements you can see them in real-time. No fancy résumé needed.

Easy as 1-2-3

Get up and running with Clarify in less than 5 minutes, saving you time and money while letting you focus on the things that matter most, like running your business.

Bring your openings, we'll bring results

With Clarify you don't pay per job post like traditional job sites. You pay one monthly flat rate, that's it. We'll bring you professionals with fresh achievements.

Built for Professionals

We are trusted by 400+ talented and world class candidates across 28 countries from world-class organizations.

No ads. No selling out

We do right by our candidates because we respect their privacy and don't sell ads.

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